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Posted by admin On maggio - 17 - 2011

Dear International “hernia friends”,

It’s with pride, pleasure and not little apprehension that I announce that the 1st World Conference on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery (that will be held in Milano, at the MICO Congress Center, from 25th to 29th of April 2015) is almost ready to go!

SATURDAY 25 APRIL, at 14.45 we will start!

This unique event will see the participation of the three-year joint Congress of the European Hernia Society and the American Hernia Society and the Annual Congresses of the Asia-Pacific Hernia Society, the Australasian Hernia Society and the Afro Middle East Hernia Society.

This will be the first, but, I’m sure, not the last, as the interest for a regular “3 year”  international federated Congress is very high.

The peculiarity and specificity of this event is not only the fact that all the major experts as well as all the different experiences of the five continents will be gathered under the same assizes, but also the fact that throughout the year 2015 there isn’t going to be any other international congress of these Societies.

This event will bring together for the first time all the opinions as well as the different experiences of the surgeons of the five continents.
We have received more than 1200 free papers from all over the world, and this unique result, demonstrates the  great interest.

I have to say that it was  (and it still is) not so easy to  realize the scientific program, but  I was  helped in this by the friends, scientists, surgeons, and researchers from all over the world.

It will definitely be a challenge since it was  not certainly easy to conciliate the needs of the five International Societies with all the organizational problems that a congress of this size has to face.

Besides, in the scientific program there will be not only the scientific, technical and resulting considerations of the most expert surgeons in the world, but also and especially the problems that emerge from all the surgeons interested in this type of pathology, as well as the most updated and technologic answers  coming from all the companies that manufacture the materials, the prosthesis and the equipment in this field.

The confrontation will be tight, thorough and innovative in the light of the best evidence practice and of a real evidence of the results, but considering the real daily life of the  huge majority of the surgeons in the world.

All voices will be heard, the ones that come from modern surgical centers and  also the ones that come from surgical centers from less industrialized countries.

Some of the inspiring principles of the scientific program were… “is the reality more real then science…?” and “simplify the life of surgeons, simplify the life of patients…?” and finally    “everything  carries its own burden…” this last one from Aeschilus…

At side of the scientific program,  Milan, few days before the international EXPO, will offer  to all the maximum of hospitality and possibilities, and our social program, organized rigorously out of the working time,  will be a great surprise, such us the Official Congress dinner…

Many voices, many debates, many different opinion, culture, mentality, habits and way of life, but in Milan, this year we  all with one common objective: the well being of the patient.

I look forward to meeting you all, very soon  in Milan!


Prof. Giampiero Campanelli
Chairman of the 1st World Conference on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery
President Elect of the  European Hernia Society



United Kingdom