NEW!! Afro Middle East Hernia Society

Posted by admin On maggio - 17 - 2011

AMEHS  is a young society, which occupies an important place in the context of the pathology of the abdominal wall hernia.
This pathology, treated by our colleagues from Africa and Middle East, still holds aspects which, in these areas, both regarding African and Middle East zones, are very difficult to cure, and is some times even lethal.
In September 2009, when AMEHS was born, the founders wanted to put the accent on the importance of the therapy,  (and on the surgical technique) as well as on its scientifical research. After 5 years from its birth, upon the entirety of 71 countries, AMEHS is present even if with only 1 member in 41 countries.
The possibility to participate at the 1st World Conference on Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery is for us a great honour and an enormous opportunity to bring our contribute with other colleagues to the research of the best technique and find the most adequate approach to the hernia pathology.


Maggiore Daniele, MD
Prof. of Surgery, General Secretary of  AMEHS


Prof. Faouk Sebai, President, Tunisia
Prof. Hmeid Jali, Vice President, Lybia
Prof. Daniele Maggiore, Secretary-General, Switzerland
Dr. Ahmed El Noamany, Trasurer, Egypt
Prof. Mousa Mahdi Jasim, Past President, Iraq
Prof. Ibrahima Konate, 1st Vice-Secretary General, Senegal
Prof. Rachid Sani, 2nd Vice-Secretary General, Niger

Prof. Hireche Larbi
Benin, Prof. Jean Léon Olory Togbe
Cameroun, Prof. Marcelin Ngowe Ngowe
Chad, Prof. Choua Ouchemi
Egypt, Dr. Ahmed El Noamany
Guinea, Dr. Aboubacar Toure
Kenya, Dr. Bernard ‘Ndungu
Lybia, Dr. Ali Yahya
Niger, Prof. Rachid Sani
Senegal, Prof. Ibrahima Konate
Togo, Dr. David Dosseh